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Join Me in Hawai’i!

I will be teaching at a writers workshop on the north shore of O‘ahu in May. If you want an idyllic retreat to work on a special project or just the peace of writing without distractions, check it out.

The Mokule‘ia Writers Retreat is an intimate and magical gathering of serious writers eager to get away from the world, spend six days and five nights on a remote stretch on O‘ahu, in the community of like-minded souls, and see where the imagination takes us. The focus is on craft, and we work under the tutelage of great teachers—a mixture of mainlanders and islanders, fiction and nonfiction, low-key and high-profile. We will tune into nature and each other, exploring new paths in our writing, going deep, and refining our work. The theme, nā wahi ho‘oulu, acknowledges that a sacred spot like this will inspire us to explore other places—whether in the heart, in memory, or in the moment. See campmokuleia.com for more information.

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