New Writers Workshop, Oct. 12-Nov. 30, 2011

As I do each autumn, I’m organizing an advanced personal essay/travel/memoir writing class in San Francisco. We will meet on seven Wednesdays, Oct. 12-Nov. 30 (skipping Nov. 23 for Thanksgiving), 7:30-9:30 p.m. on Townsend Street between 4th and 5th streets. Group size: minimum 6, maximum 10.

In the first session we’ll get to know each other, talking about your experience, your goals, your hopes for the immediate future, what you’d like to get out of this class, and, of course, the material you’re working on. In the six subsequent sessions we’ll work on your stories in depth. Each week half the group will send a story to everyone for all to read in advance so we can be prepared for discussion in class. This way, each of you will get three of your stories worked on over the seven weeks, and you’ll have the benefit of critiquing everyone else’s pieces.

Once we’ve finished our seven weeks together, this class could transform into a master class that meets monthly or twice-monthly indefinitely, but that will depend on interest. I have had three ongoing monthly classes and one ongoing twice-monthly class that began as weekly sessions like this. One is still running seven years later and it’s worked out nicely for all.

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