In more than thirty years in the travel writing business, both as a freelance writer and an editor of hundreds of stories in the Travelers’ Tales book series, I’ve developed a good eye for what makes a story work. I share this knowledge at numerous writers conferences, writing workshops, and individual coaching sessions, both online and off.

Contact me: larry@travelerstales.com

Writing Workshops

Each year I offer an advanced personal essay/travel/memoir writing class in San Francisco. We meet weekly for seven weeks with a minimum of six people and a maximum of ten.

In the first session we get to know each other, talking about your experience, your goals, your hopes for the immediate future, what you’d like to get out of this class, and, of course, the material you’re working on. In the six subsequent sessions we work on your stories in depth. Each week half the group sends a story to everyone for all to read in advance so we’re prepared for discussion in class. This way, each participant gets three stories worked on over the seven weeks, and has the benefit of critiquing everyone else’s pieces.

Once we’ve finished our seven weeks together, this class could transform into a master class that meets monthly or twice-monthly indefinitely, but that depends on interest. I’ve had three ongoing monthly classes and one ongoing twice-monthly class that began as weekly sessions like this. One is still running thirteen years later and it’s worked out nicely for all.

For information, contact me at larry@travelerstales.com

Want to join a workshop but weekly is too often?

I currently have two workshops running that meet once a month. I have space in one, so if you’re interested in joining, let me know.

Other Sample Classes

Writing Workshop Sailing off the Turkish Coast
Learn How to Craft a Travel Article, Write a Memoir and Publish Your Book

I led two seven-day writers workshops on the personal travel narrative aboard a traditional 82-foot gulet (a Turkish yacht) in 2008 and 2006, and is planning another in the fall of 2015. On this seven-day intensive workshop sailing on the Aegean Sea, participants learn the ins and outs of crafting a superb story and how to bring their work to print, whether it’s a short essay or a book-length memoir. I help writers develop powerful stories with simple tools and plot the course to successful publication.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Unearth kernels of inspiration
  • Find the right way in
  • Create the ideal structure to give a story maximum substance and meaning
  • Access memory to add depth and texture
  • Use techniques of fiction to add drama and suspense
  • Craft the perfect ending
  • Edit to make the story a page-turner
  • Develop the kind of book proposal publishers are eager to see
  • Create the perfect marketing plan so your book will sell
  • Write like a poet but think like a publicist

Daily writing exercises will help you find the focus of your story, and discussions will provide guidance for shaping and polishing. Participants will gain confidence about what makes a story work and how to make it shine in the marketplace.

The group workshop will be structured around our tour of the Turkish coast and will include:

  • Maximum of ten participants
  • Emphasis on personal travel narrative and memoir, but open to other forms
  • Hour-long group workshops each morning
  • Daily one-on-one consultations with Larry
  • Writing assignments to prime your pump
  • Afternoons devoted to writing and exploring the Turkish coast
  • Evening group reading and discussion of participants’ work
  • Write about your Turkish experience, craft journal notes into compelling stories, develop material you’re already working on
  • Come ready to write, share, learn, and have fun

Want to know what the trip might be like? See my blog posts about the 2008 journey on Cleared for Takeoff—The Triporati Blog. Or read John Flinn’s story from a few years ago in the San Francisco Chronicle about a journey on a similar vessel in the same area. Read it for the full flavor, sans the travel writing workshop.


  • Two hours minimum of instruction per day and private consultations with me
  • Three delicious meals per day and all drinks
  • All land and water excursions
  • Use of kayaks, snorkel gear, and fishing rods
  • Full use of a luxurious classic Turkish yacht constructed of African teak and brass, and shared with a maximum of 10 participants and 3 Turkish crew members
  • Shared accommodation in a large double cabin with a private bath
  • Three Turkish crew members to make sure that the only work you do is write and play
  • And of course, laughter, exploration and camaraderie galore

This is a small intimate class of no more than ten.

For information about sailing along the ancient shores of Turkey with me, contact me at larry@travelerstales.com.

The Personal Travel Story: Art, Craft, Inspiration
The best travel stories are really stories about life, with lessons for the writer and reader about ourselves and the people and places in our still magical world. Travelers’ Tales Executive Editor Larry Habegger helps you develop powerful stories with simple tools. Learn how to:

  • unearth kernels of inspiration
  • find the right lead
  • create the ideal structure to give a story substance and meaning
  • access memory to add depth and texture
  • use techniques of fiction to add drama and suspense
  • craft the perfect ending
  • edit to make the story a page-turner

These techniques are valid both for short essays and longer narratives. In-class writing exercises help find the focus of the story and discussions provide guidance for shaping and polishing. Participants gain confidence about what makes a story work and the value of their own stories, and should come prepared with ideas they want to explore. The class includes advice on how to get your stories published, including market leads and submission guidelines. I am a founding editor of Travelers’ Tales and has helped edit virtually all of the company’s books. I’ve been on the faculty of the Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference annually since 1994.

Other Class Topics

Master Class
Once or twice a year I conduct an advanced personal travel writing workshop for in-depth study of the craft and close critiquing of each participant’s work. These classes usually run for seven weekly sessions and then transform into an ongoing master class that meets once or twice a month. Limited to ten writers. For information, write to me at larry@travelerstales.com.

To book me for a class or workshop, email larry@travelerstales.com

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